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What is Lead Panel all about?

Lead Panel is a pay per call platform by GMB Experts, Its will make your life easier, and your client happier.

Direct Calls

With Lead Panel you don’t need a website to collect leads. You get call directly to your phone.


We provide most affordable leads in the market. With Lead Panel you’ll can multiply your inverstment many folds.

Easy Tracking

Easy tracking of calls in our system. You can also check for Qualified or Non-Qualified calls.

How it works

Lead Panel provides high quality leads direct to your phone.

1. Join Lead Panel

Click on Join Lead Panel button and fill in details.

2. Get approved

Once signed up, we will review your application and approve/reject it.

3. Start getting leads

After you’re approved, you can create campaigns and start getting leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Panel provides high quality leads direct to your phone.

You will submit a form which will ask you the following questions Name, Email, Business Name, Category, Areas To Cover, Business Hours, Website (Optional), Daily Calls,

Then we will offer you a price for this kind of business per CALL, if you agree we will approve your form, you will be given a Username and Password for our platform, You will get a random unique number. Which will be forwarded to your or your client main line, So you will be able to Track calls. Qualified or Non-Qualified and also will be able to listen to recordings of the qualified calls.

Qualified calls are over 60 Seconds ( Vary on niche ), Interest in business, Purchase a service, Made an appointment,or anything else that says this call was an ACTUAL real client.

Non-qualified calls are Less then 60 Seconds ( Vary on niche ), Robot Calls, Spam Calls, Not interested in the service / business

You will be able to buy Packages . Starting from 250 USD. Up to 1500 USD Once your account run low, or out of balance. You will be noticed. And if you get negative balance your account will be suspended until you pay the debt and add more credits.

No. However, we will offer 100 USD as free credits for every 250 Credits purchase or more. 1 USD = 1 Credit.

Firstly we will learn the business, Then we will make some landing pages for it with a PPC adwords campaign, we will also add some gmbs around your areas in order to get calls.

You will have to get approved in order to use our service, its not for everyone.

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